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The Ones Who Make It Happen


Holly Q

Editor In Chief

Holly Q is a seasoned journalist and editor with years of experience in the industry. As the Editor in Chief of IKONIK Magazine, she leads a team of writers, photographers, and designers to create engaging content for their audience. Holly is passionate about highlighting the unique perspectives and experiences of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Her editorial vision is to create a platform that champions inclusivity, creativity, and innovation. Under her leadership, IKONIK Mag has become a must-read publication for anyone interested in the latest trends in fashion, beauty, art, and culture.

Khairah Green

Feature Editor

As a Feature Editor, Khairah is in charge of overseeing the production of articles from brainstorming ideas to final publication. She works closely with writers, photographers, and designers to ensure the magazine's content is of the highest quality. Khairah's skills and education in research, writing, and editing have made her an invaluable member of the IKONIK Mag team.

Davide Anderson

Contributing Photographer

Meet Davide Anderson, an accomplished and talented photographer who creates stunning visuals for IKONIK Mag. With years of experience in the industry, Davide is a master at capturing the essence of his subjects. From fashion and beauty to art and culture, Davide's work is versatile and dynamic, showcasing his keen eye for detail and composition. With his natural talent, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication to his craft, Davide Anderson is a true visionary whose work adds incredible visual value to IKONIK Mag.

Jill Robertson

Fashion Stylist

Jill Robertson is a highly talented fashion stylist who is well known for her incredible work in the fashion industry. She has been working as a stylist for IKONIK Mag for several years now and has made a significant contribution to the magazine’s success. Jill’s expertise and passion for fashion have enabled her to style some of the most high-profile celebrities and models in the fashion industry. Jill has a deep understanding of the latest fashion trends and knows how to incorporate them into her work. Jill’s creativity, knowledge, and talent have earned her high respect in the industry, and she is undoubtedly an invaluable asset to IKONIK Magazine's success in becoming a standout publication in the world of fashion.

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